Patrona de Canarias square + seafront

City of Tenerife
20,000 sqm

The project is part of a vision of the city as a great place to return to the crossing and public enjoyment. In this perspective, the Patrona de Canarias square is not simply a space to set up and pedestrianize, but it would have to take an urban dimension, and become a meeting place for millions of worshipers during religious events that take place regularly in February and August every year, and a meeting place for users of all kinds throughout the year. The project idea is to confirm the perception of a “city center” through the combination of existing religious architecture to a new system of spaces resulting from the construction of terraces in the belvedere of Barranco de Tapia, and from slight misalignment in La Patrona de Canarias square and along the seafront San Bias; these spaces, isolated from the driveway, identify a hierarchy of functional areas and redevelop
the entire area, making it to become a place of international interest. The project area, therefore, no longer a point of vehicular passage neither of decay and abandonment, becomes a place mostly pedestrian, accessible, and walkable to all directions.