Pirola Pennuto Zei & associated Registered Office

The architectural system, like a comb made of more levels, has a longitudinal trend interrupted by three transverse bodies that receive the vertical connections through the intersection of several plans. The care of the detail is shown up to by the entry hall where, crossing the threshold they have been received in a different and refined space made of just two colours: black and white, in whom the slabs of the flooring in black slate, hinder cleanly with raised milk walls and of some furniture elements. In the reception area the client is litterally kidnapped by a giant poster picture of Piazza di Spagna in Rome, made of glass that is repeated in several plans with suggestions turned to extol the most representative places of other cities in which the seats are present; a strongly raised base leaves the place to the reception, of side to which few steps lead the distributive connection forms to the high plans. In all the plans, to give more style there’s the flooring in parquet wengè that, in the halls meeting and in the offices of the Partners, does at frame to innovative natural carpets in black slate guaranteeing a single and refined furniture solution.