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Winter garden
Winter garden

Mazzacurati school campus + theater

The Mazzacurati school complex, built in the late 1980s as part of the Recovery Plan of Corviale, is now in a condition of severe decay and under-utilization in relation to its potential. The project of its complete renovation includes a series of interventions aimed not only at restoring greater functionality to the school with a strong focus on energy saving, but also to endow the school Complex with a new identity within the Corviale school district.
The scheduled interventions are: the creation of a “conservatory-patio” in the school in place of the playground, the introduction of a new central block to use as a theater with about 200 seats, the construction of a new lab building, the restructuring of gym-related services, the redevelopment of the custodial quarters in order to create a small daycare center, the enhancement of the façades with the introduction of a new area equipped for both play and teaching, and the complete reorganization of the sections and the cafeteria area, the redevelopment of the park with play, sports, outdoor education and garden care areas.

credits | design architects: TStudio | structural engineers: Studio Lombardi (M. Traversari); V. Vallesi; A. Bozzetti | mep engineers: Ingegneria d’impianti; Energy Project | feasibility: E.Ranaldi