waterfront latina

City of Latina
410,000 sqm

Waterfront  Latina, Italy

The intervention supposes a new urbanism arrangement for Latina’s coastline. The major items are: the peaceful coexistence between man and nature; the project of objects related to the human proportions; the proposal of formal, typological and systemic manufactures. The project improves itself on the follow methodological choices: preparation of defensive operas for the coastline; redevelopment of buildings, generally unauthorized, taking as reference model the benefit of the agro pontino’s drainage.
The project, for development reason, is divided into two phases. The first phase sees the demolition of unauthorized buildings, located on the beach, and the reconstruction of a “borgo” system on the back part, with little residences on “pile dwelling”, distributed by suspended ways.
The second phase consists of the realization of a “Parco del litorale”; of an inhabited wharf with a complete system of “floating islands” and the renewal of the lake area.