PORT Tenerife

Los Cristianos Port Authority
50,950 sqm

The “plaça do mar” is made up of an arcitectonical sistem, which reconnects the zone of the seaport with the city and the landscape. It joins the two beaches wich are actually seprated by the “Calle El Espigar”. The square is composed of different levels which creates a large panoramic terrace over the harbour and the sea. The square works as a special filtering-zone between the seaport and the city. There are projected three buildings. One placed on the border line to the harbour works as seaterminal and shopping center. It also contains the service zones of the harbour with workshops and storing. The other two are dedicated to commercial, cultural and sparetime activities. These three buildings are separated by long courtyards, which connect with the city and the beach. The “plaça do mar” continous the pedestrian courses of the beach and is disigned in the colours of the sand. It extends along the sea promenade and uses the roof of the buildings to create public spaces.