Canova Bar at Piazza del Popolo

Arba s.r.l.
400 sqm


“Caffè Canova” at Piazza del Popolo is on the ground floor of one of the two buildings which forms together with “Chiesa del Rainaldi”, “Chiesa Santa Maria di Montesanto” and “Chiesa Santa Maria dei Miracoli, ”the endpoint of the famous “tridente” of “Via del Corso”, “Via del Babbuino” and “Via di Ripetta”. The issue of the project consists in renovating the inner spaces, open for the visitors, as well as the service zone and the garden to make the place more comfortable, sicure, and inviting. The important elements for this purpose are the proportions between the single elements, the furniture and the lightning. Because of the historical context the project also is based on the idea of unifying a new and contemporary interior with the history of the place, which influenced for example the choice of some materials.
The bar will be redistributed in four different theme.
An entrance serves the zone used as coffee and cocktail bar. This representative area, with the long banco, connects with the square in front of the building and welcomes the guests.
Next to the coffee bar is the so called “giardino segreto” (secret garden) which presents itseslf as a illuminated box, made of glass. Along this box will be created a green zone which gives his name to the place. The third theme is dedicated to Federico Fellini, who frequently visited the bar Canova. Behind the coffee bar starts a course characterized by a unifying treatment of the walls which brings the visitors to “Sala Fellini” and the “tavola calda.” This way is accompanied by illuminated bands and niches. The last theme consist the service zones with bathroom and kitchen to give the place a light and transparent character the project foresees the use of two different light situations. A warm light, placed over the guest tables and system of indirect light which structurates the space. Also will be used bright colours and materials and only the horizontal areas like tables and floors made in wood stand in contrast.