E-PICENTRO focuses on the relation between architecture, individuals and society generated by collective traumas caused by destructive and devastating events. It is led by the idea that the rebuilding could not limit itself to the restoration of the functions of the city, but should become an operation of rebuilding the collective and personal identity of all the involved subjects. The project aims at reflecting on which actions can be activated in the difficult period of transition that passes between the abandonment of the province of L’Aquila and its rebuilding. Objective of the project is to bring back, through creative strategies sent by architects, artists, photographers, writers and directors from the entire world, the attention to the city after the earthquake during a phase that, as often happens, it is widely expanding over time.
It is necessary to consider the project as a point of departure, an open reflection and it develops as follows:
1. The tent of “People meet L’Aquila” where an evocative reflection is organized in the space on the theme of the period of transition that passes between the abandonment of the territory and its rebuilding. Here there will be shown the first materials produced by the International Consultation recently issued on this theme that will see cultural contributions by architects’, artists’, photographers’, writers’ and directors’ from all the world. Displayed documents are updated regularly to highlight the character of open yard event.
2. “The L’Aqui_lab” inside the Pavilion Modelli where there are shown the contributions and the scientific researches produced by National and International Institutions that tell ideas and projects in progress on the Aquila territory.
During the exhibition of the creative and scientific contributions there unwind besides activities of workshops that will see involved the Italian and foreign Universities.
3. A section “Site online” makes accessible and enriches the contributions, becomes a place where insert proposals and ideas through the site www.epicentroproject.net.
Furthermore Epicentrum is enriched with an online competition open to professionals and students; this is a place of reflections and debates on-ideas for spaces of transition, generated by abandonment pending the rebuilding. The results of the contest will be proclaimed during the closure ceremony of La Biennale.