Auditorium della Tecnica | Rome

Auditorium della Tecnica is located inside Palace of Confindustria, in the Eur district of Rome.
The Palace was designed by Vincenzo and Edoardo Monaco Architects in the late 60’s and consists in a main six floors building and two smaller bodies that form a rectangular court. The Auditorium della Tecnica, located under the court’s level, is a conference centre composed by a large foyer and 800 seats in the meeting room.
Between 1971 and 1974, Architect Pierluigi Spadolini designed the interiors of the Convention Centre. Spadolini’s design project was particularly interesting and was characterized by some highly expressive elements: sequence of pillars, similar to trees, a circular-shaped room, accentuated by a false ceiling in a radial pattern and a series of furnishing elements designed expressly for this place.
The Auditorium’s renovation reinterprets the centre in a contemporary way and gives it a new life. The project aims to provide a new energy to the complex, preserving merit and value of the existing structure and respecting the original design concept with a modern approach.
The project is expected to reorganize the space with innovative and high quality materials. All plans were renovated and fire safety, accessibility for disable people, acoustic and energy saving were brought up to standards.
Starting from the foyer, the intervention wanted to enhance double height’s spatial character of the “structure” by repeating trees that punctuate the space and draw the ceiling. In terms of materials, the project proposed existing ones on the market, because of needs about adequately represent the design, which must look different from the original structure: metal structure covers the original wood trees. The renovation also includes the upgrading of mechanical systems and provides the additional backstage facilities.
An important aspect is represented by the innovative concept of interior lighting, the use of a new colour and a stone material effect for the floor, underlining continuity with the exterior stone of the city, which makes this space look like a bright urban environment.
The room is equipped with high acoustic efficiency and a very advanced technology: versatile high-efficiency lighting, professional sound system, multi-screen.
The Auditorium has undergone a deep transformation that not only involved the finishing but also the spatial reorganization, by improving stage focus and architectural identity.

photography: Luigi Filetici