UnethernalCity-Dionisocity, Paris


Uneternalcity is a project dedicated to the city of Rome. Thirty years after the exhibition “Rome aborted” (1978), twelve Italian and international design firms develop new visions of the city. As it was in 1978, Rome is a city still unable to give shape to the imagination, where the new Master Plan identifies still break, disconnection due to a growth almost completely independent and uncoordinated manner around a strong central identity. The idea is to work on the expanded boundaries of the city, imagining solutions for the recovery of the suburbs and the development of coherent systems, from design point of view and the economic and environmental sustainability. I have to think about issues such as integration of the consolidated city and urban spaces (be they infrastructure or large green wedges that penetrate from the periphery of Rome up to lap the historic town), new solutions for social housing, a new hypothesis redevelopment of margins dl Tiber and identification of possible new areas of territory to be exploited with suitable backbone trasporto.Roma must return to practice culture and to imagine himself not as a mechanism but still and lifeless as a body in motion constantly changing future oriented, able to generate ideas and exchanges with other cities to return to be, through architecture, the center of European and international debate.