Housing Ceccano

Social Housing  Ceccano, Italy

The attention to design in the public housing complex of Ceccano, in the province of Frosinone, is attested by the link and spatial morphology between building types and living spaces. The aim is to design a type of structure aimed at architecturally defining its living space. The search for typological innovation and its organisational structure have determined the choices of the project proposal aimed at a qualitative re-elaboration of the housing space. The decision to divide the complex into three blocks makes it possible to get visual glimpses of the landscape and to break up the linearity of the complex. The three blocks are connected to each other only from the first floor by a path-balcony with a green wall that separates the apartments from one another. The duplex apartments have a dark coating that outlines the complex’s contour against the sky. Such choices have prompted the use of outdoor spaces such as loggias and balconies, the introduction of linking paths between duplex and simplex housing, as well as a rooftop walkway. The new building, which follows the proportions indicated in the area plan, was conceived to be suitably integrated into its environmental context. To this end, some design choices were reinforced, such as large open spaces and coating materials that in some areas determine an intense character of innovation and fruitful, visual and perceptual experimentation. On the ground floor the division into blocks also makes possible a direct connection from the road to the green space in front, thus constituting an accessible and permeable system.

Credits: Design Architects: Tstudio – Guendalina Salimei | Structure: Eutecne s.r.l. |Geologist: E. Lauretti | Structure: ing. F. Ardino, F. Frappi, L. Frappi |MEP: Ing. A. Bianco |Construction supervision: ing. F. Frappi con L. Polidori e P. Natalini

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