Via Sparano and Borgo Murattiano redevelopment

City of Bari
12,500 sqm


Via Sparano borgo murattiano  Bari, Italy

The Via Sparano project partakes of a vision of the city as a vast space to be restored to public traversal use as a cognitive, creative experience and a chance to meet and relate. Via Sparano Is the main urban thoroughfare, and the centrality and importance of the places that flank it connote it as the most important axis, capable through its development of structuring a more effective orientation and perception of its space. Via Sparano is not just a thoroughfare to be pedestrianized and embellished. Its redevelopment takes on an urban dimension, offering itself as a model for a strategy that can be extended to other parts of the city. The whole axial sequence connecting Piazza Aldo Moro to downtown along Via Sparano gives the street a rhythm, a sort of musical score made of textures, pauses, upbeats, amplifications and thematic areas. Designed as a true catalyst capable of livening the entire city with its new identity, a place at the edge between inner and outer, via Sparano combines the different souls of motion and stasis, business and art, tradition and innovation. The final goal is to make this street a real family jewel to show off, seeing the thoroughfare within a larger system, a sort of urban platform of substantial depth in the structure of the city. In this way the public spaces of the businesses lining the street interact to create a series of architectural episodes that bring the large commercial interiors into contact with the city’s public space, and vice versa. These theme areas – living room squares – are moments of pause and reflection marked by a change of flooring and the presence of exceptional elements. The project includes eight lounges corresponding to the city’s attractors along Via Sparano; starting from Piazza della Stazione we find the Salotto della Musica, Il Salotto Verde, the Literary Salotto, the Liberty Lounge, the Salotto del culto, the Salotto della Moda and finally the Salotto di Bari Vecchia. The street’s character is enhanced as a sort of openair museum by placing along the way a series of sculptures and artistic flooring that make it possible in some areas to set up temporary installations.

Credits: Design Architects: Tstudio – Guendalina Salimei, arch. Marina De Marco |Urban Planning: arch. Rosario Pavia con F. Contuzzi | MEP: ing. Antonio Violante, ing. Raffaele Digiesi | Landscape Design: arch. Giancarlo Fantilli | Construction Supervision: A. Toritto, Comune di Bari | Contractor: De Marco costruzioni

Photography: Dario Amoroso D’Aragona

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