waterfront nicotera

City of Vibo Valentia
27,000 sqm

Waterfront Nicotera, Italy

The project of the waterfront of Nicotera as a whole tries on the one hand to give a character of continuity and identity to the entire promenade, on the other hand proposes the inclusion of new activities and functions that, recovering possible spaces, allow a real use and a better liveability of public spaces and activities related to strong landscape vocation.

A green linear intervention, with complex Green line section, that visually and environmentally connects Nicotera Marina with the area of the pine forest can redevelop the relationship between the town and the sea through a rationalization of the road and through the creation of an environmental system equipped with a series of elements supportive, a cycle path, parking lots, trees in order to provide shade and parking points, lighting elements and solar collection systems that can provide energy, spaces equipped for events for rest and refreshment.

A linear complex system capable of interfacing the town with the bathing facilities: a new green infrastructure equipped, the green-line.