Olympic Pools

C.p.c. s.p.a. Roma
9,693 sqm

The dune landscape that characterizes the Latian coast reappropriates the site and is transformed into architecture. A large uninterrupted green combines lots destined for the realization of the swimming complex and, from time to time, functioning as building roof, connecting path, car port and outlook towards the sea. This “natural landscape” is organized through a linear structure with its paths and rest areas, its rhythm made of contractions and expansions, whose dwelling spaces are interspersed with spaces for socializing. We therefore offer a model the relationship of whose parts is stimulated by its very architectural features and marked by the presence of green patios. Quality of life and full accessibility are the primary goals of living together in a multi-purpose sports facility.

Credits | design architects: TStudio | mep engineers: Ingegneria d’impianti; Energy Project