aldo moro square

City of Casalbore
3,650 sqm

Piazzale Aldo Moro  Casalbore, Italy

The project insists on an area of considerable historical value: the current via Aldo Moro coincides with a stretch of the ancient Regio Tratturo Pescasseroli-Candela, destined since ancient times for the transhumance of the herds. The area in question is not conceived exclusively as access to the cemetery but takes advantage of its vocation of space for aggregation and rest and new door to the town. The project proposes a unitary arrangement of the whole area that starting from the main front of the cemetery runs along its west side, until reaching the extension of the cemetery area currently under construction. To recover a large enough space on the front of the cemetery, it became necessary a deviation of the route of Via Aldo Moro in order to create a large pedestrian area with paths, parking spaces and green areas.

Published in: Rivista d’Architettura, 25: 2004, p. 57