International botanical garden

FAO - Lebanon
Currently underway
30 Ha


Botanical Garden  Lebanon

Considering the morphology of the area, its orography and vegetation aspects, the project aims to re-arrange the landscape (integrating architecture, street furniture, roads, new plant systems and botanical collections ) that relate to the transformation of about 7,7 hectares of 31 of the total area of the site. What remain is  Protected Natural Area for the management of habitats and species.
The project identifies four main classes of site management, corresponding to areas with different gradient of naturalness and different types of use:
1 . Areas of integrated recreational and service facilities
2 . Botanical Garden multipurpose
3 . Filter strips
4 . Protected natural area for the management of habitats and species, dedicated to the protection of ecological environment and natural resources and existing plants. This area is opened exclusively for scientific and research purposes. In this context, there will be no intervention of transformation, if not the management and the safety of existing trails.