lamezia terme complex


S. Benedetto Lamezia Terme, Italy

The project aims to create an important complex that has a strong link with the landscape and traditions.The theme is the unfinished. A great sculptural element that, standing out in the landscape and working on the compression and expansion of the masonry mass, creates two large telescopes, one looking at the churchyard and the flat Lametina, the other towards the east. The plan, of mixed type to single nave and presbytery with liturgical poles disarticulated, is organized around a space reservoir in which the church plays a central role of importance and the parish works, following the course of the lot, become the urban fifths. The parvis slightly uphill, has a spatial quality of urban type and leads to the sculptural facade reminiscent of a “large organ”. The bell tower -a contemporary menhir- twisting and flaring upwards becomes a recognizable sign, visible even at night.