Centre for Digital film production

City of Mola di Bari
3,250 sqm (built)

The design of the Center for Digital Cinema Production in Mola di Bari is organized around two themes: building a complex that, through the upgrading of some pre-existing buildings, fulfills technologically advanced functions while achieving an architectural image able to promote the center and make it a reference point for digital production at an international level. The project takes into account both the pre-existing structure and the site, two architectural modules that become a single project respecting what already exists. It achieves this by combining architecture and nature in a system of signs and warps, to give rise to a complex that, evoking the presence of the stately Angevin Castle, is organized as a sort of “anti-pole”. The image thus created recalls the ancient Angevin Fortress and is rooted to the ground through a system of natural elements that rearrange and systematize the new complex. A series of green lappets covers the original Slaughterhouse Pavilions, creating new spaces, while the main building, totally rethought and encased in a new semi-openworked skin, becomes the film studio. The inclusion of water in the area, by way of certain “incisions” in the coastline, lets the sea flow through the buildings with the specific intent of “measuring” the distance between them, and isolating the film studio, which, floating on a water surface, emerges like a bright lantern in the new complex, signalling its new life.

Credits| design architects: TStudio | Associates: Studio Ferrari