Barra-Soccavo-Pianura cemetery

Cemetery Plans  Naples, Italy

The project of enlarging the Pianura Cemetery is part of a larger cemetery redevelopment plan in the western outskirts of Naples. The project is organized as an ideal continuation of the existing 19th-century cemetery system, providing, in addition to the burial fields and an area for the funerary chapels, a closed court defined by the building for burials and an open one that faces the existing cemetery, looking onto two large L-shaped buildings. The building, constructed in the first phase of the project, is similar in shape to the one previously built in the 1990s. The layout is characterized by light, transparent fronts and exploits the two guidelines for the internal treatment of light. The façades are defined by an alternation of full and empty spaces that become actual filter elements between the inner and outer areas. This effect, in contrast to the rigid stereometry of the existing building, was achieved by means of a pattern of metal gratings stretched out with a rhomboidal mesh of different colors, useful also for providing an adequate ventilation of the interiors and an intense play of light.

Credits: Design Architects: Tstudio – Guendalina Salimei |Urban planning: arch. Paolo de Stefano Structure: INTERPROGETTI s.r.l |MEP: C.D.S. Ingegneria snc |  Construction supervision: ing. Giampiero Martuscelli con P. De Stefano e G. Salimei | Contractor: Brancaccio costruzioni spa

Photography: Paolo De Stefano

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