1,300 sqm



The idea of the exhibition, entitled  “looking for a normal city ” is focused on the theme of travel through Italy to discover the public initiative neighbourhoods  of the last 50 years.

The exhibition is based on the idea of a journey through Italy

The journey is metaphorically represented by a ramp built with a frame of metal tubes, that by being positioned at the centre of the room, becomes the fil rouge that accompanies the guest, from the outside through the discovery of the suburbs of Italy.
The use of steel tubes, usually employed for construction sites, figuratively symbolizes the “Construction Site of the suburbs” which need to be retrained and re-thought. A large iron scaffold becomes the fulcrum of the whole construction.
The ascending path hosts a Journey among the suburbs which last 50 years, on the first level, documentary material organized by Regions, is presented in a succession of rooms where the visitor, in a  closed environment, finds images and photos of the selected neighbourhoods.
The journey, which starts from the south of Italy to reach the North, continues, and reaches, through the ramp, the second level; here the scenery  changes Completely, A ten-meter high space is interspersed with a series of big hanging vertical elements which tell the possible reflection  and transformation scenarios of the suburbs.
The second level, in fact, is  strongly characterized by the presence of these hanging vertical banners which recount, through great photos with reasoned captions, the five identified project topics.
The relations with the city and the urban and natural landscape, the different ways of living, the transformation in time, the equipment and the use of public services accompanies the visitor through the path around the landing, two areas for listening and viewing  videos and a space for debates and moments of reflection.
The route of the exhibition continues through the ramp to another level, symbolically bringing to a complete overview of the space and  of the exhibition, a Vision “from above” that Projects the visitor Towards a future for the suburbs.