Auditorium Rome

Auditorium della Tecnica Rome Italy

At the EUR in a plot adjacent to the Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro is the Confindustria building built in the late sixties by the architects Vincenzo and Edoardo Monaco. Inside this, there is the Auditorium della Tecnica, a Congress Centre with a large foyer and a conference hall of 800 seats. The interiors were designed by the architect Pierluigi Spadolini between 1971 and 1974 who created an interesting design project characterized by some expressive elements: a sequence of pillars that, with a structure like trees, hover in the double-height space of the foyer and a circular-shaped room whose spaciousness is accentuated by a radial false ceiling. The enhancement of the Auditorium della Tecnica wanted to give life to a valuable space, recently reinserted in the circuit of the Architecture of the modern city of Rome. The project provides a new energy to the complex preserving the value and the value of the existing structure, but modernizing the plant both on the technical side, through a regulatory adaptation that involves the use of innovative and quality materials, both the global image. Starting from the foyer, the double-height spatial character of the tree-like “structure” is reinterpreted using a new material: steel. The new material generates a variation of spatial perception, transforming a space, previously perceived as dark, into a bright and dynamic space. Innovative interior lighting and a new colour effect contribute to this perception. The stone paving is in total continuity with the external stone covering, to make this space seem a liveable urban interior. The room has undergone a profound transformation: all the existing steps have been replaced by other larger ones, the false ceiling is characterized by a new spatiality of slight concentric jumps that enhance the space of the room, at the center of which has been reinterpreted, in a contemporary key, a large circular lamp. The room is also equipped with a high acoustic efficiency and a very advanced technology: a professional amplification system, multiple screens and an advanced and ductile lighting system.

Credits: Design Architects: Tstudio – Guendalina Salimei |Structure: Ing. Francesco Trimarchi |MEP: Ing. Paolo Torelli | Construction supervision: D. Germanò; ufficio D.L.: Arch. G. Salimei con D. Marzo, F. Ferone, A. C. Giustizieri | Contractor: Sarep s.r.l., CLIMATER, AIRfire, TRETI, Tecnoconference.

Photography: Luigi Filetici

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