Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tourist Complex  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The project is located in the northern part of Jeddah City, which lies along the seashore not far from the major road linking the Red Sea coast to different towns. The uniqueness of the project area as well as the fascinating relationship between desert and sea – tightly linked to Saudi Arabia’s traditions and history – have inspired and guided the design project. The design links, (more specifically merges) the sea with the land, the rocks and the water, in a highly representative and strongly symbolic architectural complex able to provide its guests and visitors with a unique experience and the chance for a firsthand encounter with the riches of the Arabic culture and landscape. The design proposal is, for this reason, made up of two different parts: a base – closely recalling the horizontal development of the surrounding landscape – to house the common spaces, and the visitor areas: a series of “stones” or stone-shaped buildings that “float” either on artificial water surfaces (the pools) or on natural ones (the sea). The play of reflections of each building on the water multiplies its surfaces and brings out its geometries and shapes. The seven “stones” are made up of two to eight levels with a circular floor plan of different diameters and heights. Inside are green courts, “oases” filled with lush indigenous vegetation, that provide different sights and spatial conditions, depending on whether the rooms give onto the exterior or the interior of the building. Three of the “stones” are for the mostly house hotel rooms and suites, while the remaining ones serve for prominent functions such as a Convention Hall, Restaurants, Concert Hall. The upper floor of the higher “stone” houses a “food court” with several different restaurants that offer an undisturbed view of the surrounding landscape. The top floors are characterized by terraces and belvederi, which host recreational functions.

Credits: Design Architects: Tstudio – G. Salimei con A. De Berardis |Mep: Interstudio, C. Ripanti

Published in: “Metamorfosi Quaderni di Architettura n.4/2018”, PP. 76-79 – Lettera Ventidue edizioni ISSN 1590 -1394 – ISBN 9788862422659 • SALIMEI G. (2012- 2° ed. 2014), City Landscape. Bari: Ilios Editore ISBN 9788890802430 pp. 156-163