Design of the Civic Museum of Prato

A city museum it’s not only a place where artistic goods are stored and shown but has to be also an experimental lab, a meeting point, an open workshop, a place strictly linked with its territory.
The new museum of Prato was conceived not only to be a visiting place but also a living and meeting area, a place where it is possible to culturally grow up, a beating cultural centre for the whole city of Prato.
For these reasons we chose a setting that appeal on innovative technologies, also in light of the importance given by UNESCO to Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Visual experience is central in giving the right meaning to the exhibited works of art. Furthermore the visitors’ imagination is excited by incidental music put in the same historical context of the exhibited works.
Here advanced multimedia join in interactivity and internet, allowing a virtual visit of the museum and the creation of knowledge exchange with the inhabitants, the schools and the university communities. The new museum of Prato will be a Museum ever in progress that enriches itself in the course of time.