Seafront Redevelopment |Rapallo

The project idea of the requalification of the new seafront as promenade paysagee develops around the space concept public-walk, place that combines two functions of covering and of being, of meeting and point of aggregation and becomes the true and own beaten Rapallo heart. An experience favoured for an area characterized by points of particular landscape regard, where the gulf has a dialog in dialectic way is with the ancient exceptional elements (Castello, Piazza Garibalda) with which with the new ones (the centre congresses, aquarium and marine observatory). A pedestrian walk, a great lookout on the gulf, an area attrezzabile for activity of relief and aggregative activities, intervallato spinning historian of palms who is restored and reorganized. Through he modeling of the soil, a new flooring what at east towards West guides the passes with a drawing which alternate one a local clear stone with different resorts in bucciardata stone and grills in cast iron for the harvesting of the waters. The promenade paysagee, as well as enclosing the extension of the seafront with an artificial beach spreads also in the area of the gardens IV November and in the zone of the shore where the cabins are inserted into a system of soil that better integrates them into the Rapallo skyline. The promenade ends to sea with a new pier that, at the end of the torrent Boate, becomes a great square, a significant object surrounded by the water that as well as absolving the functions of meeting hall is also an aquarium and a marine observatory that, during the night, becomes a great bright lighthouse.