University of Science and Technology of Hanoi Development

The university campus as a park and as a city: the park enhances and interprets the site and context. The urban model comes from a reflection on the traditional Vietnamese city and in particular on the interpretation of the historical center of Hanoi. The thirty-six streets of the capital, dedicated to traditional crafts, become a metaphor for the city of science. The university campus will be organized on equipped roads that have the name of the faculty in there (as in Hanoi there is a street of goldsmiths, in the campus we have the avenue of chemistry and biology).
The campus to be realized as urban fabric recovers and transforms some figure of the historical center of Hanoi; the streets of the old city having name of crafts become the avenues of scientific faculties. The reference is suggestive. The paths have a linear arrangement and are organized to parallel strips along which the buildings of the different faculties expand. The orientation of the strips takes into account the eastern winds, that prevails.
Along the boulevardswalking and cycling routes (access is allowed only to service cars)take places; green spaces penetrates in the paths with a strong emphasis on the integration between the park and the University campus.
The avenue is diagonally crossed by pedestrian arterial-accessible to vehicles, that ideally recalls one of the main streets of the historical center of Hanoi. Along this path will be the most representative buildings and the heart (square) of the campus.