Tourist Centre | Hanoi

The idea for the project of a touristic centre in Vietnam sees many projects item that make this complex correctly integrated into the landscape thanks to a visible connection towards the lake and green terracing. The terracing system permits favored views and defines many areas: the central one, like a square, the concert hall, en plain air, that is leveled under the height of access to the complex. At the square level, with an independent entry, the two branches of the complex host a minimarket, a showroom, the post office and a kindergarten. Above, where is possible to reach the parking area, there are the offices. The complex is totally planned to be sustainable and energy efficient. Green walls, stretches of water, ventilation control, is all for climate conditions. Big attention is on materials and on the interaction between built and nature.

Credits| design architects : T-Studio | associates: I.D.E.A.S. (Vietnam)