Tree Tower | Halong City

Almost like the medieval towers of Italian villages, the Ha Long towers on the outskirts of Hanoi (Vietnam) rise in a medley of different heights different, as if recalling the ficus roots which are a main feature of the Hanoi landscape.
The total volume comprises four different and seemingly independent volumes, interspersed with greenery. The reception services occupy the ground-floor level: the entrance hall, the conference center complete with offices, and beneath them the parking area. Even in terms of morphological type the towers identify themselves as an organic project, which in becoming a building seems not to respect the rules of the classic type, and rather recreates itself in an organic mode, visible mainly in the treatment of the fa├žades, which seem to recall the splay of aerial roots. With the complex split into several distinct volumes, the simultaneous presence of greenery and the possibility of obtaining controlled ventilation flows make the Three Towers a complex that offers total climate control.

credits | design architects: T-Studio | associates: I.D.E.A.S. (Vietnam)