Sustainable Neighbourhood, Vydrica

The renewal project for the Vydrica district is set in an area of top importance for the image of the city of Bratislava. Occupying the slopes of the hill on which the Castle rises, the site covers an area which extends down to the banks of the Danube and is visible even from a great distance. The project, at the foot of the castle, becomes part of the skyline of the historic city, as depicted in paintings and photographs, websites and holiday brochures. The new district project takes its cue from a comparison with the city’s image, creating a dialogue with its constituent parts. The buildings, with their articulated, differentiated silhouettes, reinterpret the distinctive features of the old town with a contemporary language, creating a bond that narrates its story and complexity. The various parts of the city center, cut off from each other in the wake of the demolitions, once again talk to each other; the flow of paths leading from the Danube to the cliff of the castle are thus reborn.

Credits | design architects: T-Studio | associate: E. Ravà