Piedichiusa Park | Lamezia Terme

The area of new Piedichiusa park is into the historical centre of Lamezia Terme.
It is about 30,000 sqm with a long shape following Coschino torrent.
The first thing to do in the area of the new Piedichiusa park was to define the bounds of a new urban park, important in order to define, as better as possible, the area. To improve the social and urban context, to start off aggregation process and to get a new possession of the park: these are the goals . Practical recovery of the mill will happen thanks to the elimination of elements in addition to the existing building to free the original one. In this way we bring to light the arched structure used to carry the water into the mills. The area increases its value by two paths leading to the mills. Here a museum will take place, focusing on the region and rural culture. A nature trail along the torrent helps to feel closer to the river-bed. The footbridge concept is a chill out area, to listen to the torrent roaring, to live the nature.
The light, transparent and steel frame of the footbridge is not a stumbling block for the landscape.