Architectural design mock-up
Building site: Promenade paysagée, te path of peace
Building site: The chapels
Building site: Meditation room
Building site: The chapels

Cemetery Expansion | Frascati

The project to enlarge the new cemetery in Frascati has the goal of enhancing the historical, architectural and aesthetic character of the site, in an attempt to fit the cemetery complex into a landscape system integrated with the environment, whose terracing is typical of the Castelli Romani.
In its reinterpretation of the original site, the design is integrated with the natural environment, giving rise to a structure that is transitable on several levels and transformed into a garden where nature and artifice are integrated to overlap and merge into one another.
The project’s framework is a promenade paysagèe configured as a sort of “path of peace”, punctuated by a grove of olive and cypress trees, where the presence of the graves is scarcely perceived. The promenade runs through the cemetery longitudinally and transversely, linking up the two theme parks, the memory park with the peace park, and the main entrance with the chapel area. At its center, where the two paths meet, lies “the prayer plaza”. Here, around a great tub of water and the chapel, public services are held: an area where visitors can dwell in meditation.


Credits| design architects: T-Studio | engineering: Erregi