Belvedere Tower | Maranello

The Belvedere Tower, located near the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, in the Province of Modena, is thirty meters high, and has an aerodynamic structure born to be a landmark. The tower consists of an element that, in wrapping itself like a car body around the motor framework, becomes a kind of beacon, a lighthouse upon the surroundings of Maranello.
The tower, which unfolds around an exhalation chimney for the underground parking area, is formed by a string course system that, in weaving around it, tells a story of space.
The space story, in its unfolding ascent, creates a series of original, spectacular spaces. The space is covered without discontinuity, the slow ascent accompanied by a range of emotions, sounds, lights and images that follow each other around the central core.
Like the columns of the ancient Romans that narrated the deeds and enterprises of the emperors, this column of light recounts and sublimates the spirit of Maranello and Ferrari in a concentration of infinite and ideal space. A continuous space that surrounds, penetrates and passes through, a practicable, multi-directional and multi-dimensional plastic space. This Belvedere Tower is an extraordinarily effective metaphor of contemporary communication systems, addressing a hoped-for society made of multiple, flexible functions, and taking shape as a landmark, an interactive museum, a means of ascent and lookout, a system of contemplation of the landscape and a refreshment spot.

credits | design architects: T-Studio | associates: G. Cerfogli