2016 – Competition on the Redevelopment of the Historic Centre in Open Taranto (INVITALIA), Italy, finalist;
2016 – Competition on the ex Tobacco Factory in Bari (INVIMIT and city of Bari), Italy, finalist;
2016 – Urbanpromo – Urban Development Prize, section “Quality of infrastructure and public spaces”;
2015 – Renewal of the Auditorium in the headquarter of Confindustria in Rome, 1st prize;
2015 – University of Science and Technology of Hanoi Development, Hanoi, Vietnam, finalist;
2013 – Dao Viet Eco city in  Halong, project finalist in the World Architecture Festival 2013;
2012 – Redevelopment of the Prato Civic Museum, finalist;
2012 – Renovation of the Monastery of the Visitation in Citadel of Culture, Reggio Calabria, 2rd prize;
2012 – “St. Ignazio da Laconi” Parish Complex, Olbia (OT), 3rd prize;
2012 – Redevelopment of maritime station S. Cecilia, Messina, 3rd prize;
2012 – Tourist center receptive attached to a structure for the free flight, the City of Gallodoro (ME), finalist;
2011 – Redevelopment of Castle Park Robersart Wambrechies, France, 2nd prize;
2011 – Multi-purpose center and residential Gubbio (PG), 2nd prize;
2011 – Redevelopment of St.Michael-Platz in Neutraubling, Germany, finalist;
2011 – University Campus USI/UPSI in Lugano, Switzerland, finalist;
2011 – Schiavonea waterfront in Corigliano Calabro (CS), 1st prize;
2011 – Touristic centre in Flamingo, Vietnam, 1st prize;
2011 – Hotel center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, finalist;
2011 – Reuse of Annunziata Church in a Museum of Contemporary Art in Foligno, project finalist in the World Architecture Festival 2011;

2010 – Extension of the cemeteries of Barra, Pianura and Soccavo, Naples, 1st prize;
2010 – Extension of the cemetery in Frascati (RM), 1st prize;
2010 – “Tree Tower” in Ha Dong, Vietnam, finalist;
2010 – Construction of Sports Arena in Lamezia Terme, 3rd prize;
2010 – New tower for Ferrari in Maranello, project finalist in the World Architecture Festival 2010;
2010 – Urban Park in Chioggia (VE), finalist;
2010 – Dwelling + stores in the old town of Forchheim, Germany, finalist;
2010 – Sustainable social housing in Rome, finalist;
2009 – Sports center in Nuremberg, Germany, special mention;
2009 – Railway in the Park of Vesuvius in Naples, 2nd prize;
2009 – Piedichiusa Park in Lamezia Terme, Italy, 1st prize;
2009 – Urban redevelopment Oltretorrente of Parma, finalist;
2009 – High-rise residential, Halong City, Vietnam, 1st prize;
2009 – Urban garden, underground infrastructure and access to the ancient Sassi in Matera, special mention;

2008 – Renovation of the long Douro in Porto, Portugal, 2nd prize;
2008 – Redevelopment of the collapsed area between Vico Commercio and Vico Lombardi in Sasso Barisano in Matera, 3rd prize;
2008 – Social Housing in Via P. Bembo, Rome, 1st prize;
2008 – Renovation of Corviale building in Rome, 1st prize;
2008 – Historic Centre of Sammichele di Bari (BA), 1st prize;
2008 – Multifunctional Center at Pier San Cataldo, Taranto, 1st prize;
2008 – Railway the Vesuvius National Park, 2nd prize;
2007 – Maritime Station and multi-purpose buildings in the port of Vado Ligure (SV), finalist;
2007 – Renovation of Via Sparano in the historical centre of Bari, (BA) 1st prize;
2007 – Architecture, urban planning and functional road axis in Metaponto Lido (MT), 2nd prize;
2007 – Redevelopment of the Vydrica in Bratislava, Slovakia, 1stprize;

2006 – Renovation of the promenade of Rapallo, 2nd prize;
2006 – Port of Los Cristianos to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2nd prize;
2006 – Public spaces in Catania – Piazza Montessori, 3rd prize; Piazza Michelangelo, 3rd prize; Piazza Santo Spirito, 2nd prize;
2006 – Fregene: the gates to the sea, 2nd prize;
2006 – Connection between Nemi and the lake, 1st prize;
2006 – Redevelopment and modernization of the Mazzacurati School Campus, new theater and park, 1st prize;
2005 – “City of Art”, Reggio Calabria, finalist;
2005 – “Citadel School of Locri”, Reggio Calabria, 3rd prize;
2005 – Urban redevelopment of the monumental Port of Naples, 1st prize;
2005 – Renovation of three spaces for dining in museums Certosa and Martino in Naples, finalist;
2005 – Redevelopment of the square of the triumphal Chariot of the Madonna della Bruna (MT), special mention;
2005 – Redevelopment of the historical centre of Benevento special mention;
2005 – Museum of the sea + Art Museum, + Library + Archive + multi-purpose center in Ex-Caserma Cosenz, Gaeta (LT), 1st prize;
2005 – Renovation and expansion of nursery and primary school G.Grilli, Rome, 1st prize;
2005 – Environmental restoration: the Port and the City, Marina di Carrara (MS), 1st prize;

2004 – Exhibit of the Museum of history of medicine in Padua, finalist;
2004 – High schools Campus in Schio, finalist;
2004 – Redevelopment of San Giovanni Teatino (CH), 2nd prize;
2004 – Renovation of historic center of Lanuvio (RM), 2nd prize;
2004 – Redevelopment of the seafront of Ostia, Rome. “Area of natural interest”, 1st prize;
2004 – New school complex in Francavilla al Mare (CH), 4th prize;
2004 – Renovation of the historic center in Montesarchio (BN), 2nd prize;
2003 – Architecture Award Luigi Cosenza, special mention;
2003 – “Living and Elderly”, nursing home, Pesaro, 1st prize;
2003 – Redevelopment of Pyrgi urban seaside in Santa Severa, Rome,2nd prize;
2003 – Regeneration of the seafront in Santa Marinella, Rome, 3rd prize;
2003 – Elementary school in Marotta di Fano (PU), finalist;
2003 – Residence for the elderly (Nemetschek), special mention;
2003 – Redevelopment of Piazza G. Marconi and Via Valle, Monte S. Giovanni Campano (FR), 1st prize;
2003 – Restoration and reuse of the Annunciation Church as Museum of Contemporary Art in Foligno (PG), 1st prize;
2003 – Redevelopment of school G. Fattori, Rome, 1st prize;

2002 – Renovation and rehabilitation of the urban sector “covered market-hall”, Ortona (CH), 2nd prize;
2002 – Renovation of “palazzo Cardinal Cicada”, Atri (TE), finalist;
2002 – Renovation of the Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone, 4th prize;
2001 – Redevelopment of the “Pyramid of Cestius From the Circus Maximus”, Rome, special mention;
2001 – Renovation of Squares G. Mazzini, C. Battisti and Via Matteotti in Nettuno (RM), special mention;
2001 – Art Architecture City Accommodation Piazza Augusto Imperatore – Palace of Expositions, special mention;
2001 – Redevelopment of St.Quentin Trappes in Yvelines, France, 2nd prize;
2001 – Touristic camping in Collalto Sabino (RI), 1st prize Architecture Rome;
2000 – Italian Space Agency’s headquarters in Rome, special mention;
2000 – Biennale di Venezia “Less Aesthetics More Ethics” special mention;
2000 – Transformation of San Lorenzo in Rome, special mention;

1999 – Europan 5, Telematic Citadel project in Savona, 1st prize;
1999 – Renovation of the promenade of Via Caracciolo in Naples, 1st prize ex-aequo;
1999 – Professional institute for tourism and commerce in Giulianova (TE), special mention;
1999 – Showroom Telecom in Rome, 1st prize ex aequo;
1999 – European consultation ‘99 FOR ARCHITECTURE in the Fiftieth Anniversary of the seventh CIAM Bergamo 1949, selected project;
1999 – Reuse of Sporting Club in municipal offices in Rome, 1st prize;
1998 – Redevelopment area of the fair and slaughterhouse, Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (TE), 3rd prize;
1998 – Architecture Award Luigi Cosenza, fifth edition, special mention;
1998 – Renovation of the Center for Nulvi, Sassari, 3rd prize;
1998 – ARCE ‘98 Award for a residency in Poggio Catino (RI), 1st prize ex-aequo;
1998 – Historical villages and Torrente Morla in Bergamo, special mention;
1998 – Piazza della Libertà in Turriaco, Gorizia, special mention;
1998 – Headquarters of the Congress Center in Eur, Rome, special mention;

1997 – Unesco “Piazza Anargiry”, Thessaloniki, Greece, 1st prize ex-aequo;
1997 – Project for Villa Clemente area in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Teramo (TE) special mention;
1996 – Europan 4, Redevelopment of district Vydrica, Bratislava, 1st prize;
1996 – Hundred Squares redevelopment, Piazza Duca Borgoncini-Park Piccolomini, Rome, 1st prize;
1996 – Renovation of Pontassieve, Florence, special mention;
1996 – Renovation of the marina, Palau (OT), 4th prize;
1995 – Renovation of the headquarters AMCM, Modena, special mention;
1995 – “Living in the city”, special mention;
1993 – Europan 2 “Living the city”, special mention.